As published on our LinkedIn Page, BI-CALCULUS d.o.o., as a consortium partner, has received co-financing from the European Union by the European Union - NextGenerationEU under the Recovery and Resilience Fund for the implementation of the Print2Digital project.

The project will provide a comprehensive digital transformation of involved companies and their individual business operations. BI-CALCULUS has teamed up with a development-oriented consortium with the leading partner DELO d.o.o. and a third partner Pareto d.o.o. As a partner in the consortium, BI-CALCULUS will create an open innovation platform with the other partners that can easily incorporate new solutions.

The project will contribute to technological strengthening through the use five advanced technologies – robotics/process automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, Big Data, and virtual reality.

Technologies will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. Throughout the project, open innovation and strengthening the digital competences of employees will be promoted.

The aim of the project is to reduce COVID effects, increase economic efficiency, reduce costs due to optimisation of loadings, increase efficiency due to digitization and process automation.

The key goal of the project is to influence productivity growth, optimising and reducing the cost of service delivery and business, and increasing competitiveness and a more open market approuch, while increasing the potential for the commercialisation of innovative solutions.

Total financial value of the project: EUR 3,853,759.25
Co-financing share: EUR 674,176.75
Own funds: EUR 595,350.75

The investment is part of the plan's actions, which are funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan mechanism:
More information on the portal:

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We are a group of multidisciplinary experts with long-term experience in helping companies become more competitive in the marketplace by harnessing their data, guiding towards the right strategic decisions the right investments and the right approach.

Nowadays, industries are forced into accelerated digitalization but even though introduction of advanced digital platforms is crucial for market outreach, the question remains if overall operations provide the required level of sustainability, efficiency and support for growth. There is no unified model but there is a right model.

Every successful transformation is different as whole, but a lot of key elements are the same:

  • Clear centralized business priorities
  • Capable project management
  • Strong engineering talent to support the objectives
  • Allowing for agility and adaptability to support incremental growth, which is often difficult for businesses to accept
  • Rapid innovation of processes to support growth while maintaining stable services
  • Quality integrated data management systems that helps in turning data into assets

And of course,  selecting the right partner that can help you CONNECT THE DOTS will probably be the difference between success or failure.



Every project is a challenging transformation for an organization and usually the biggest obstacle is not the technology, but the people it addresses. On the path from strategy to actual implementation the right project management team plays a critical role.


Most times, the perception of what is needed differs from what actually solves the key organizational challenges. How to prioritize and put together a solution, if not guided by a professional can lead backward instead of forward.

and Integration

Technology should not be the key driver of change, but it can certainly empower it. It is not always about the new. Sometimes, it can be, but other times it is about maximizing the potential of the current systems and enhancing it with new additions. That is why a vendor independent approach in an asset when selecting a partner.


Making a truly informative strategy means that you truly understand the data within your organization. With the amount of data generated by every organization nowadays, without a reliable system in the background, no one can honestly claim so.


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